Musician's Biographies
Getting to know.... Dick Hoff
Dick was born in Lancaster, PA, and grew up in Lititz, PA. Both of his parents were
musicians; his father played trumpet and his mother was a church organist and and
outstanding pianist.
Dick played lead trumpet in the Lititz High School Band. He had his own dance band
by the time he was 18 called The Blue Notes and played all over central
His college education began at Lancaster Business College and he also attended OhioState University in Columbus, OH, where he obtained his engineeringbackground.
For twelve years, he was with an engineering company in Harrisburg, PA, but he
spent the greater majority of his working years in sales with Connecticut General/Cigna/Lincoln National Life.
In the summer of ‘51 he had the opportunity to play in Johnny Long’s big band; some of whose musicians moved on to big bands such as Buddy Rich. He played continually with big bands in central PA until 1986. After that, he played only in church
and special occasions. Then he put the trumpet away for 15 years.
Dick and his wife, Nancy, have lived in Sun City for four years. He’s glad to get back
into playing more regularly and enjoys playing with some of the Sun City musicians
as well as our Dixieland group. His favorite is jazz, but Dixie gives him a challenge and exposure. The more he can play, the better!
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