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I was born in Basel, Switzerland, and since 1986, I have Swiss and American citizenship.


I have the European Equivalent of Master in Science in Chemistry from the University of  Reutlingen/ Stuttgart, Germany. I worked throughout my career for formerly SANDOZ Colors & Chemicals (now Clariant Corp.) in a variety of Technical Service Positions in Europe and South Africa. I Transferred to the USA in 1973 and  worked in NJ as Manager of R&D for 5 years followed by 19 years in Charlotte, NC, as Director of Technical Services for the NAFTA Region. I took early retirement at the end of 1997 and moved to HHI in July of 1998.


My father was a professional musician (piano), however, he actively dissuaded me from following in his footsteps. At that time in Europe, he would tell me: "you work, you eat: you do not work, you do not eat, and the latter happens all too often"!!!


As a youngster I played the piccolo in a piccolo and drum corps, which was part of a many centuries old tradition in my home town. It can be considered as a forerunner to the Mardi Gras.


Contrary to popular belief, Switzerland does not produce only watches, cheese, chocolate and yodeling. Actually, there were many Dixieland bands active and I rarely missed a concert. Obviously the joyful sounds did it to me!!!


I have attended concerts of: Louis Armstrong (1958 in Basel, Switzerland and 1965 in Charlotte, NC), Al Hirt, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Chris Barber


(English Dixieland Band), the Dutch Swing College Band, the Dukes of Dixieland in New Orleans, and of course a number of performances by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Most recently, my wife, JoAnn, and I attended a marvelous Dixieland Jazz Festival in Clearwater Beach, Florida.


For this autobiography, I was asked what other types of music that I listened to. Maybe I should list what kind of music I do not enjoy, because I enjoy many kinds of music. JoAnn and I attended a Mozart Concert in the Musikverein in Vienna - outstanding!!!   What I do not care for is: Chamber Music (most boring - "degustibus not est dipustandum"), Hip-Hop, Hard Rock and Rap, the latter ones have, in my humble opinion, nothing to do with music; there must be more effective ways to demolish an instrument and ear drums. Music, by definition (as I have learned from Steve Rich) is a sound or a combination of sounds which are pleasant to the ear!


I am blessed to have found my wonderful wife JoAnn (actually she found me) and her children, Heather and Matthew. Heather's two sons Tommy (4 1/2) and Davis (2 1/2 years old) are so precious and have added a delightful new dimension to our lives.  When I am not spending time with family or practicing the trumpet, I enjoy tennis several times a week, traveling, and cooking.


I have been a “non-musician” member of DJSLC since 1999, well before I took up playing the trumpet in earnest.  I always had a trumpet, however I never really knew how to play it until such time I began to take lessons from the very patient Steve Rich a few years ago.   The DJSLC is a great group of people sharing a hobby and continuing a great American Tradition. I consider it a privilege to have been accepted to be part of it.


There is an old German proverb: "Wo man singt, da lass dich ruhig nieder, boese Menschen haben keine Lieder!” The translation goes as follows: Where there is song (or music) you can join with full trust, bad people do not have song (or music). I think this applies to the members of the DJSLC!