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Getting to know.... Kris Tokarski
As it turned out, car problems forced Kris (he prefers to be called Kris) and his mom, Elizabeth, to stay on Hilton Head over the weekend of the August Sunday Jam.
We were in need of a piano player for the last set. So, all the planets were aligned for new DJSLC member Kris to sit in with a very lively front line of
musicians. He really played well, even in Bb that he said “he hadn’t learned yet”. Excited and wound up,no wonder he couldn’t get to sleep until well after midnight.
Kris began studying the piano at age 5 following the lead of his older brother, Cass, who took piano for many years until he dedicated his time to swimming, eventually becoming nationally ranked. Kris found playing was easy and currently he has both classical and jazz instructors, but he prefers jazz. He particularly likes stride and ragtime pianist James P.Johnson, as well as Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton, and Fats Waller. He became interested in Dixieland when a music store suggested it to him about 3 years
He has been playing trombone for 4 years and is first chair in the school band. Taught by a former circus performer, he has juggled since age 7 and has
worked for tips in Central Park and here at South Beach Marina. He collects coins, loves silent comedies like Laurel and Hardy, enjoys golf and 8
ball billiards.
He would like to attend Juliard and become a professional musician. He would also like to learn all about cooking and maybe someday own a restaurant like The Jazz Corner.
He and his mom plan to return to Hilton Head again next summer. The odds are good that he will drop by to play a little Dixieland with the guys. We all
hope so!
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